OHS COVID 19 Exposure Guidlines

OHS COVID-19 Exposure Guidelines


At Oceanside High School, if a student-athlete or coach develops the following symptoms:

-Fever with or without chills (over 100 degrees that does not resolve within 30 minutes without medication)

– Cough*

-Shortness of breath

-Nasal congestion*

-Sore throat

-Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea*


-New loss of taste/smell


-Muscle or body aches*

-Poor appetite*

*Disregard this symptom if school personnel is already aware of a pre-existing condition that causes the symptom. The nature of the presenting symptom (duration, intensity)  must be consistent with the underlying chronic condition.


Student-Athletes/Coaches will stay home until


  1. Without PCR Covid-19 viral test
    1. If note from a medical professional defines the cases as presumed Covid-19 (based on symptoms), then:
      1. Notify staff and parents of cohort and/or sport of the potential exposure.
      2. Exclude close contact for 14 days from the last day of exposure.
    2. Athlete/Coach may return when:
      1. 24 hours without a fever (no meds) AND,
      2. Symptoms are improving AND
      3. 10 days from symptom onset or test date
    3. If school becomes aware of one case in one athletic cohort, then have the district liaison contact the Public Health Department
  2. With PCR Covid-19 viral test
    1. Positive Test
      1. Identify all close contacts
      2. Quarantine and exclude close contacts (work with public health on decision to exclude entire cohort) for 14 days.
      3. Notification to the school community of a known case and logged into athletic department files.
    2. Negative test
      1. Proof of negative test results required.
      2. May return 72 hours after symptoms resolved or 10 days if symptoms are improving.
      3. Consider notification to the school community.
    3. Retested or not retested
      1. Proof of negative test not required.
  3. Note from healthcare provider (chronic illness)
    1. A signed note from a healthcare professional who manages that condition must:
      1. Confirm chronic diagnosis (cites labs or records).
      2. Include provider’s contact information.
      3. Explain how symptoms are unrelated to Covid-19.
      4. Accompany a signed consent for school to interact with the healthcare professional.
    2. May return to school immediately
      1. Consider individualized health plans to prevent any future unnecessary dismissals.