Athletic Eligibility

Oceanside High School

Academic Eligibility Policies


  • The Basics: 2. 0 GPA, Pass 4 Classes
  • Academic eligibility will be checked at the time you turn in your rosters to the athletic secretary (5 days prior to your first scrimmage/contest). We will also check GPA’s after each grading period.  After each eligibility check you will receive a list of all students who are on probation or are ineligible.
  • The eligibility period begins or ends the day after the district sends home the grades. Either by mail or hand carried by student.
  • If a student fails to pass 4 classes he/she becomes ineligible regardless of GPA.
  • If a student drops below a 2.00, he/she goes on probation. The student continues to participate, no playing or practice restrictions.  A student is allowed to have one probationary period per semester. After an athlete uses his/her probation when they drop below 2.00 they will be ineligible until the next grading period.
  • If a student drops below a 2.00 for the second consecutive grading period he/she becomes ineligible. Coach determines if athlete remains on team. Athlete cannot travel with the team or wear uniform.
  • All of these eligibility rules apply
  • If a student drops below a 2.00 during season and remains with the team they must participate in:
  1. Weekly progress report
  2. Attend tutorials on non-game days.
  • Failure to do either of the above will result in the athlete being removed from the team.
  • Each coach can check off-season grades.