Pirates News · SABER Awards Finalists announced

The finalists for the third annual SABER Awards were announced Monday to the Oceanside High School staff and students.

The awards will take place on Sunday, May 14 at 4 p.m. in the school’s performing arts center. The event is free to the public and it is a semi-formal event, which honors senior male and female athletes in the categories of Scholastic, Accountability, Bold Leadership, Effort, and Resilience, as well as athletes of the year. The SABER awards, which was conceived by principal Teresa Collins and football coaches John Carroll and Edwin Campbell, are modeled after the ESPY awards and recognize great achievements by the Class of 2020.

The winners are selected by OHS coaches and staff . Here are the finalists in each category:

2020 SABER Award Finalists

Male Athlete of the Year

Christopher Hunter (football/track)

John Gibbs, Jr. (track)

Shane Hansen (wrestling)

Female Athlete of the Year

Kalani Hardyway (volleyball/soccer/track)

Bella Nance (golf/water polo/softball/swimming)

Nicole Eden (volleyball)

Scholastic: This award is given to the student-athlete who maintains an elite grade-point average and is a dedicated athlete in one or more sports.


Hunter Schaffer (cross country) 4.66 (ranked 5th)


Madison Swieczkowkski (volleyball/soccer) 4.83 

Bella Nance (golf/water polo/softball/swimming) 4.80

Accountability: These student-athletes are most accountable at Oceanside High School. They hold themselves to the highest standard and inspire their teammates to give their very best at all times.


John Gibbs, Jr. (Track)

George Silva (soccer)


Kalani Hardyway (volleyball/soccer/track)

Julia Ceballos (softball/tennis)

Bold Leadership: This award is being given to the male and female student athletes who inspire and influence on and off the field or court, while guiding their teams toward the goals set forth by their coaches and teammates.


Christopher Hunter (football/track)

Cameron Reeder (cross country/swimming)


Morgan Serafin (water polo)

Rainna Dueber (volleyball/ROTC)

Effort: Effort is defined as a determined attempt at all things. The male and female athlete who are nominated for this award demonstrated superior desire and fortitude to compete at the highest level possible.


C.J. Harris (basketball)

Andrew Bowman (swimming)


Rainna Dueber (volleyball)

Kimberly Barrueta (cross country/track)

Resilience: This award goes to the student-athletes who persevered through difficult and often life-threatening circumstances to become invaluable contributors to their respectives sports


Paris Smith (basketball)

Ronnie Harris (baseball)


Maluai Taylor (volleyball)

Bianca Ibanez (cross country/wrestling/track)